The 5 Most Common Google Chrome Problems

The 5 Most Common Google Chrome Problems

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers today, both by Android smartphone users and those who prefer to use a laptop or desktop computer. The number of extensions available for this browser made by the Google search engine also makes it easier for users to surf in cyberspace, using Android smartphones and computers.

However, sometimes we often experience various very annoying problems when using Google Chrome. Some problems like Chrome tab freeze or the term crashes, Google Chrome crashes when it just opened, and frequent crashes in extensions in Chrome are some of the problems that most frustrate us and get emotional.

Apart from its simple and attractive appearance, Google Chrome is also in demand because it is said to be the fastest and most stable browser compared to other similar browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

1. Google Chrome Tab Freeze Often
The first problem that is most experienced when using Google Chrome, both on smartphones and on other computer devices is the tab that often freezes or crashes.

This problem is generally caused by extensions on your Chrome that are not compatible with the Google Chrome browser itself or because the quality of the extensions you install on Google Chrome is not good, meaning that the extension’s code structure is not good.

2. Google Chrome Crash When Opened
The next problem is Google Chrome which crashes frequently. Things like this are generally caused by the number of tabs that you open in one Chrome window or because of malware or something like that which makes your computer’s system workload increase.

For the record, Google Chrome takes up quite a lot of RAM when running, so the presence of malware and too many tabs will actually increase the chance of crashing or not responding to Google Chrome.

3. Failed Loading Page in Google Chrome
Generally, the problem of failing to load this page is considered to be due to problems with the internet connection when we are using Google Chrome. It does have some truth in this, but there are also other factors that cause this page to fail. Call it the factor of your Google Chrome version which is not up-to-date or not the latest version.

4. New Tabs Open Often On Their Own
The problem with new tabs that keep opening in Google Chrome is really annoying. This problem itself is a result of the many advertisements contained on websites that you visit via the Chrome browser. It can also be caused by a virus that has infiltrated an Android smartphone or other computer device.

5.Flash Player Often Crashes in Google Chrome
Flash Player is a plug-in that allows users to watch videos through sites like YouTube. However, we often find conditions when we are comfortable watching videos through the Chrome browser, suddenly a notification appears that Adobe Flash Player Has crashed.

This is because Google Chrome cannot load the plug-in or because the version of Flash Player itself is outdated.

Author: Vera Ryan