Many Corona Virus Prevention Violations occur by Indonesian Citizen

Many Corona Virus Prevention Violations occur by Indonesian Citizen

Corona virus, is a very deadly disease. Attacking the respiratory organs by making it difficult for a sufferer to breathe, coughing, and fever is not a very good thing to catch. Unlike previous viruses that have become pandemics in the world, this one virus has a very dangerous advantage, namely that there are no symptoms from 3 days to 2 weeks after being infected.

Various methods have been used by the central government in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia, which has tried to prevent its spread in the archipelago. However, at the beginning of February 2020, the virus originating from the city of Wuhan, China, has begun to spread to the Indonesian population.

From the initial 1 suspect until now, dated August 7, 2020, it has reached a maximum of 119 thousand people, with 5,521 deaths. Of course, with the continued increase in the number of corona virus victims in Indonesia, it is indeed difficult to prevent again, because it is actually not the state’s job that it has to suppress the spread of this virus but from the community it must also be able to independently take care of it.

If you remember at the beginning of March 2020, Indonesia has started implementing several policies in hopes of preventing the spread of Covid-19. From starting to work at home, schools on holiday, closed shops, closed entertainment venues, to offices that are not part of the corona virus handler must also be on vacation.

Such application is in the hope that there will be no community gatherings in groups that can spread the corona virus to a wider extent. But alas, it turns out that there are still many Indonesians in some areas who cannot follow this policy and still hang out with friends or hang out in side stalls.

Then the government also tried to provide relief with the existence of the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) which required citizens to maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other, and not allowed to gather more than 5 people.

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With the existence of this PSBB policy, people should be a little alert and able to take care of themselves without having to expect the government to solve this pandemic problem. But still there are residents who do not understand and understand these regulations, even though it is for the good of themselves and their local families.

This is what sometimes makes people amazed by the regulations and policies that have been published in order to handle this pandemic to be over quickly, but there are still those who try to violate it and think like the usual days.

In the end, if it has taken many lives, it is certain that the first to blame is the government or the president. Even if they have thoughts or at least have an organ called a brain in their heads, there is no need to cite while blaming the country’s top leaders.

After all, if you hear this cynical voice, you will not necessarily be given what you ask for. Even though you don’t need to go far to state leaders, you can still try to ask questions or provide input to regional leaders. So what is it for a sub-district head, village head, or mayor in each region.

And indeed it is the habit of Indonesian citizens who still do not understand what information has been given about the ongoing regulations or policies. If you don’t have a means of communication like TV or the Internet, it’s still natural to miss information.

However, it is impossible for someone who lives in a big city not to have a smartphone or internet network that can be used as a tool to find updated information.

So help Indonesian citizens who not only already have degrees or who have graduated from elementary school, must be able to find out how to help eradicate this corona virus which has consumed many lives.

Maybe those who still haven’t lost their family members due to this virus will consider it normal, but if it happens then they will just be aware. Those who are Indonesian people prefer to “REGRET THAT WAS THINKING YOUNG”, which is always underestimated.

Author: Vera Ryan