Indonesian Artists Follow Domestic Politics

Indonesian Artists Follow Domestic Politics

Indonesian politics is a contest for people who want to sit on the seats in the DPR or DPRD, when the elections are to be held, it is certain that many people from all walks of life want to become members of the council. Of course, if you want to get a seat in the MPD or DRPD member, it is not cheap, because like buying a bachelor’s degree requires a lot of money.

But there are still many who want the position due to its high prospectives with a decent salary and very light work. In short, when he is a member of the board, the job is only to sleep but the salary he gets is very large.

Therefore, it is a dream for everyone to become a member of the DPR or DPRD board, but if you are unable or do not have much capital, at least being a civil servant is more than enough.

By spending up to hundreds of millions of candidates for the DPR and PRD will try to try their luck to be elected, but if you already have a name and are known by many people then becoming a candidate for regional head can also be tried. If you see the results later, there are many who fail to get their dream job, even though they have spent a lot of money so that they become crazy or stressed.

Now, if we talk about the political world, we cannot avoid it if there are already many celebrities who have also joined to become council members who want to be in the DPR or DPRD seats, to become regional heads. Then, of course, many are asking questions like this, Why do celebrities in Indonesia enter politics?

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The answer may vary depending on the opinion expressed, but in the eyes of the residents in general the answer is very easy, namely because they want to enrich themselves or maintain the wealth they already have.

If we look back, it should be people who are smart or have expertise in politics. Then why do these celebrities interfere and enter the world of politics too?

Indeed, in terms of popularity, they can be said to be famous, financially or financially they are also able to finance their own campaigns. So for these celebrities it is very easy to occupy a dpr or dprd chair, where ordinary citizens who are trying should be eliminated.

Especially if you look at the abilities of celebrities in the world of politics, I am sure that it is definitely ZERO BIG and do not have the ability in that field. It doesn’t mean that TS is jealous or jealous to see these celebrities getting into politics easily, but the question is, What for?

If you are an expert in your field or you are already in the field of being smart in politics then that is only natural, but if the basics of politics alone are incapable or bitter it is not bad, then what is it for. There are still many other people who have credibility over them.

There is no need for these celebrities to join the world of politics which is far different from the world of entertainment they are in. Especially with just popularity, it’s really sad to see it. It was as if the highest seat could be filled with Fools who were even more foolish than madmen.

But why should we comment because we are just ordinary citizens who can have an opinion, because we wait until this country is destroyed before we realize how stupid the people in government are. Even though it is not difficult to find people who are experts in their fields to fill the DPRD or PRD seats.

We are sure that there are a lot of people who have the expertise and can think critically in the political field, rather than the content which is only as good as social media but with ZERO BIG work.

Author: Vera Ryan