Food With Delicious Chicken Meat, Chicken Satay

Food With Delicious Chicken Meat, Chicken Satay

Making food with chicken meat has many variations, perhaps the simplest is fried chicken, which is the easiest way to cook because the meat or chicken pieces are directly put into a pan that already has boiling hot oil. After that the meat or chicken pieces are left in the pan until cooked.

Indeed fried chicken if eaten only with rice is sometimes less delicious, but if you combine it with spices or chili sauce, eating fried chicken with rice will be even more delicious. However, if you eat rice and fried chicken every day, you will definitely get bored, indeed, there are many variations of cooking with meat or chicken pieces, such as grilled chicken, chicken opor, or chicken soup.

Then how about we cook something different using chicken meat, which is how to cook it over coals while on the fan. Yep, that way of cooking is commonly seen in Chicken Satay traders.

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Who doesn’t like chicken satay which is one of the delicious foods from Indonesia, which is quite difficult to cook because the chicken meat is not fried, boiled, or grilled, but grilled over coals that makes the chicken meat cooked without have to burn the wood that is used as the prick.

Oh yes, if you don’t know yet, Chicken Satay is a food that is served, namely a predetermined piece of chicken meat and then stabbed using a piece of bamboo or wood that is bigger than a broom stick. Now, when the chicken is stacked on the skewer, the way to cook it is only to burn it but only use coals.

The fire that is meant is charcoal that is burned without having to make a big fire and just use a small fire. Why do you have to use a low fire? So that the skewers used to cook the chicken satay do not burn or burn, and only the chicken will turn out.

Until now, you already know, making chicken satay is actually a little easy and difficult. The ingredients needed are not as difficult as imagined, the only ingredients needed are chicken meat, skewers, soy sauce, kerosene, coconut shells.

If the ingredients have been prepared, the first thing to do is cut the chicken into small pieces so that they can be inserted into the satay stick. After the chicken is already on the skewers, everything is done, then the next step is to burn the coconut shells using kerosene and leave it alone until it becomes coals.

After the coconut shell has blackened, leaving the coals alone, start cooking the chicken satay that you have prepared. But it is better if the satay is given additional spices or using soy sauce and lime alone is enough.

The seasoned chicken satay is then taro over the coals of fire, but that doesn’t mean plunging it onto the coals. Use the grill as a cooking tool which is placed on the coals of the fire, and place the chicken satay that has been prepared on the grill.

Eits, but don’t just leave the chicken satay being grilled because in order to be perfectly cooked, the chicken satay must be swirled while giving soy sauce to make it more flavorful. And don’t forget the coals in the fans using an electric fan or a hand fan.

If the chicken satay looks cooked with a little bit of black meat, it is a sign that the chicken satay is ready to be removed.

Eating chicken satay immediately after removing it is very delicious, but the name is food from Indonesia if there are no complements such as something missing. Now eating chicken satay is also like that, because to more fully eat it there must be a complement to chicken satay which is usually in the form of peanut sauce or soy sauce and other variations.

But the most popular is the peanut sauce which is a complement to the most fitting chicken satay. How to make peanut sauce is not difficult, just prepare the crushed peanuts that can be purchased at the market or supermarket then provide water along with other flavorings such as salt or chili to make it taste more. Then stir everything not too tightly so the beans become solid with water.

Well, just like that, the peanut sauce is ready to be paired with chicken satay. Don’t forget to prepare warm rice to make it even better, and pickle it to make it more delicious.

Author: Vera Ryan