Delicious Padang Food

Delicious Padang Food

Rendang, maybe many are familiar with this one food which is usually found in Padang restaurants. This food, which is made from processed beef, is combined with thick, spicy or sweet spices that make our tongue sway when eating it using hot rice as a companion for eating.

Because this food with very thick spices is usually loved by the Indonesian tongue, coupled with the spicy taste makes us addicted and will continue to add. Moreover, the part of the spice in the rendang is sometimes still very good to eat even though it only uses rice and crackers.

Yes, only being able to eat rendang sauce with rice alone is a special side dish for boarding children at the end of the month. But know that by eating just that simple, we can still feel the delicious taste of the remaining rendang meat.

Why can Rendang be such a delicious food? If we talk in the very first paragraph why is it usually only found in Padang restaurants? Because according to history, Rendang or what is commonly called Randang is food originating from Minangkabau.

If we talk about the Minangkabau tribe which occupies the most in West Sumatra to North Sumatra, then Padang, which is the capital of West Sumatra, is the origin of this Rendang food only available at Padang restaurants. But nowadays rendang can be found in simple restaurants or at warteg, or there are also those who make it personally to eat at home.

But of course, sometimes we think why the Rendang in the Padang restaurant is better than the other restaurants. Because in general Padang cuisine is more dominant in the spicy direction, so the rendang which tastes sweeter is combined with spicy ingredients using Padang cuisine which makes it tastier and also addictive.

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Fortunately now we don’t have to go to the Padang restaurant to be able to enjoy this Rendang dish, because making rendang is very easy and many have provided the ingredients to the tutorial on how to cook it. So those who want to try making rendang at home can innovate or experiment to make delicious rendang.

Who knows, rendang that you make yourself can later be sold for profit, because everyone makes food with different tastes even though the ingredients are the same. that’s what is unique about making something personally.

Eits, maybe someone is curious and also wants to try making rendang. Take it easy, on this occasion we will also tell you what the ingredients are and also how to make them. Here’s the explanation:


Rendang spices are a very important part of making this dish delicious, therefore the ingredients that must be provided quite a lot include chilies, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, ginger, garlic, red onions, and other additional seasonings that you think are suitable for in the mix. And don’t forget to prepare coconut milk to make the rendang spices denser and less liquid.

After the ingredients for the marinade have been prepared, next is the rendang meat itself, which is beef that is cut into medium or small pieces according to taste. Because the important thing is that the meat can be evenly cooked and can absorb the seasoning.

How To Make:

  • The seasonings that have been prepared are all cut into smooth, for the meat is also cut according to taste, if possible, don’t be too big because it will take a long time to cook.
  • Then turn on the fire with a large enough size with a frying pan that has been topped, then put the coconut milk, rendang spices, and meat into the frying pan while stirring slowly.
  • After boiling, reduce the heat and keep stirring until the coconut milk becomes thick and finally dries up.
  • The process is continued by stirring slowly until the coconut milk is gone, leaving an oily liquid.
  • Please wait until the coconut milk has completely disappeared and what remains is the meat that has changed color with dry rendang sauce.
  • And it’s finished the process of making rendang and it’s ready to be served with warm rice, even better if you have provided the spicy chili sauce to make it even more stable.

Author: Vera Ryan